The treatment of malignant diseases with AHIT

Horst Kief

Londoner Ring 105, 6700 Ludwigshafen, Germany.

In: Ozone in Medicine: Proceedings of the 11th Ozone World Congress (Stamford, CT., International Ozone Association, Pan American Committee) M-4: 26-31, 1993.

Article written in English




The world-wide increase in cancer is a recognized fact. Latest Swedish studies demonstrated an increase in malignancies of up to 40% in the last 10 years in certain industrialized nations. Exact statistical analysis shows that conventional therapy for the treatment of malignant illnesses in the last 40 years has not resulted in progress except in a minimum of disease processes. New modalities are constantly tested in order to offer optimal results. Regarding the foreground of therapeutic modalities to date, methods can be separated into two groups: 1. With biological and biochemically-treated autologous cancer tissue and 2. Testing with TIL (tumor infiltrating leukocytes) and other immune-competent cells. Due to the direct positive correlation between gamma interferon and interleukin 2 serum levels, and prognosis in the course of malignant diseases, we attempted to cultivate autologous macrophages in our laboratories under low ozone gas conditions in order to stimulate immune competent cells. This laboratory methodology and its resulting clinical efficacy in malignant diseases will be elaborated.